We are currently experiencing an increase in calls from concerned property owners who are discovering invasions of black ants at their properties as a result of the recent rain periods.

Black ants are seeking shelter and moving their eggs and colonies inside homes to escape the rain and take up residence at the home owners expense.

Our technicians have been performing black ant treatments in area’s across Adelaide, including Hyde Park, Rostrevor, Gawler, Stirling and Lower Mitcham.

We recently conducted a service treatment at a home in Lower Mitcham where we discovered large amounts of black ants moving in and setting up inside the roof void. Our customer immediately asked us to treat the area and stop these pests from entering the living areas of the home.

Black Ant Characteristics

Most ants that are found in homes nest outdoors and enter homes only to search for food or water or some where to live. Almost all ants are workers, wingless females that search for food and maintain the colony.

A small proportion of an ant colony are winged reproductive forms. These emerge periodically in swarms and fly away on mating flights.

How to treat black ant problems

An effective pest control treatment will typically include the use of slow-acting insecticides in baits which allows the ants to take the insecticide back to the colony and is the most effective humane method of eliminating ants.

Health issues and problems

Black ants not only cause a nuisance but pack a nasty bite if disturbed. They are not known to cause serious health issues, but if you or a member of your family are bitten, follow these basic First Aid steps:

  • Wash with soap and water and apply an antiseptic if available
  • Ensure that the patient’s tetanus vaccination is up to date
  • Apply an ice-pack to reduce local pain and swelling
  • Pain relief may be required eg. paracetamol or an antihistamine (to reduce swelling, redness and itch)
  • The patient should seek medical advice if they develop any other symptoms or signs of infection.

For any patient who shows signs of anaphylaxis, call 000 for an ambulance, and have the patient taken immediately to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.

Top tips

Products purchased from the supermarket or hardware stores are generally not effective in controlling black ants. These products are often costly and are not designed to correctly attack the biology of these pests.

You can help reduce black ant colonies at your home by following these simple tips:

  • Remove sources of food and water from the outside area such as pet food and water bowls – clean and change these regularly.
  • Seal gaps in window frames and door frames.
  • Follow good hygiene practices in the kitchen – keep benches clean and remove garbage regularly.

This will reduce visitation of ants and help baits work more effectively.

Still concerned

If you believe or suspect that you have ants, please contact Amalgamated Pest Control Adelaide for further advice.

1300 806 786